The Herrera film

In 1880 Samuel Garman reported a new species of sea turtle he called Thalassochelys kempii (now called Lepidochelys kempii).  A fisherman from Florida named Richard M. Kemp had brought Garman two specimens of a turtle known as the "bastard" turtle because it was thought by locals to be a cross between a loggerhead and green sea ; Garman decided that "in consideration of the great interest Mr. Kemp takes in matters pertaining to natural history, it is most appropriate that the species he has been the means of bringing into notice should bear his name" and thus gave this newly described species the common name of "Kemp's Gulf Turtle".  The current generally accepted English common name is "Kemp's ridley"; and it is "tortuga lora" in Garman, from ;Kemp noted to Garman that "The Bastard Turtle are ; We know that they come on the beach to lay in the months…
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