Marches for Science Outdraw Donald Trump’s Inauguration


This Earth Day, people around the world marched in support of scientifically sound public policy.…/u-scientists-protest-trump-policies…

Yet, funding for important marine research is in serious danger of being slashed despite ongoing needs.…/trump-s-budget-chops-sea-grant-p……/florida-sea-grant-could-face-t……/04/alaska-sea-grant-danger-losing-funding/

Luckily, many politicians see the error in this slash and burn budgetary thinking.…/Bipartisan-Senate-effort-to-save…

In honor of Earth Day, we would like to encourage you to join them to help fight against policies based on ignorance and greed. Take a few moments to donate to any number of organizations who actively work to protect our environment.

Good national and international organizations to consider include:

Sea turtle specific organizations:     <—- one of our collaborators whose sole focus is our nesting beach.