This is the mural on the wall that greets us when we arrive at the campamento in Tecolutla.

For many Mexican students, a trip here will be their first encounter with a sea turtle.  The many volunteers at Vida Milenaria make sure its a positive one.  
A young girl prepares to release a hatchling at Vida Milenaria.

As we start making preparations for our trip to Mexico, I will start posting information, reminders and teaser photos of what we will encounter.  As we get closer, I will give everyone the option to post on here as well.  It will be an easy to find, central repository that is dedicated to our work at Tecolutla and will provide your families with a quick way to check up on you.  

I will eventually make all of you “contributors” so that you too may post images, messages, or whatever.  Google provides apps for your smartphone to allow you to quickly upload a photo or post a message.   Go ahead and share this link with your family that you want to be able to check up on you.  And don’t worry, you can easily share these posts on Facebook or Google+ if you want to let others know about what you are doing.